A multi-published luxe wedding and destination photographer with an editorial aesthetic & unfeigned approach, based in England. An Estonian girl in heart, with a camera and big dreams. I have been doing photography for a little over 4 years, first only around UK, now booking more destination wedding photography clients in Europe and beyond. Travelling is a big part of my life.  


Up until 2020 I was working as a personal assistant in a well known automotive company, planning my career and following a strict daily routine. Then I bought myself my Canon 5d. I started picking up my camera on my personal travels and practicing back home doing portraits. I fell in love with it. The rest is history..


I draw my inspiration from old-school movies, fashion & modern art. Each person has their own beauty and truth to tell, the way I see it, and understand it, I show it through my portraits. 

If you have found your way to me, you must be planning or dreaming up something pretty special! The adventure you are about to go on is one that deserves to be documented with vision and care. I love to work with all kinds of couples, but I am especially excited by those who put creativity, intimacy, and fun into their wedding day. Whether you are putting together a large celebration or an intimate ceremony, I consider it an immense honour to tell the story of your day. I have recently joined the beautiful world of destination wedding photography which brings me joy, inspiration and adrenaline to follow couples all around the world, and document one of the happiest days of their life!


My work is an expression of what I am most passionate about: storytelling, simplicity, and visual celebration. I see beauty in everything, everyone. Do you feel the same?